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Do you have WI-FI we can use?

Wi-Fi is currently unavailable at the Boathouse but we are planning to install ‘Eduroam’ in the near future.

Is there a music system and can we use it/bring our own MP3s?

Yes. Access to the music system is via a standard 3.5mm jack. You must bring along your own 3.5mm jack lead which is compatible with your music device. There are also some USB ports available to charge your phone. You are required to bring along your own charging cable to use these.


Do we need to pay to use the video system?

No. The video system is offered to users as a free bonus. Please note that you will not be refunded for the session if the AV equipment fails.


Are we allowed to film the sessions?

Yes. If you would like to take footage away with you, then you will need to take it on your own device – the footage from the tank AV system cannot be taken away.

If you do take any photos/videos, we would love to share them on our social media so please tag us in any posts!

How do the cameras and TVs work? Are there instructions?

Instructions are in the tank room. Equipment will also be explained at the induction session for the responsible person.

What cameras are available?

There are eight cameras; three on each side wall, one overhead at the stern, and one overhead at the bow. There are two HD TV screens on the front wall. You can select which camera you want displayed on the TV screen and switch easily between cameras.