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Where can I find the Cambridge Rowing Tank terms of use

The Cambridge Rowing Tank terms and conditions can be found here

Is there a force measurement system?

We are actively exploring purchase of a force-measurement system, but there is not currently one fitted.


How can we leave feedback?

There is a feedback form available here.

What’s the changeover time between sessions?

Sessions run consecutively; they start and finish on the half- hour with no gap in between. You should arrive five minutes before your session and should leave a few minutes before the end of your session in order to tidy up and clear away your belongings for the next user.

Are there any showering/changing facilities?

There is access to male and female toilets but no changing or showering facilities.

Can we bring rowers who are not members of our College/Boat club?

Yes, provided they are under the supervision of the club who has made the booking.

Is eating allowed in the tank room?

Eating is not permitted in the rowing tank room.

Do we need someone there to operate it? Will there be a coach?

Each crew must be accompanied by someone who has been through the induction session, which may be one of the rowers. Please make a request using the online form which can be found here