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Can we train without being disturbed by Downing crews entering the boat house?

Downing crews will from time to time access the changing rooms but will not linger in the tank room while you are using it.

Do we have to clean/sanitise the boat/blades after use?

Yes. Please use the cleaning spray/paper towels provided and dispose of towels in the bin.

Are there ergos available to warm up?

No. Warm up by light rowing in the tank is recommended.

What size are the footplates/are they shoes or Velcro straps?

The footplates are identical to those on a concept 2 ergo. The footplate position can be adjusted depending on the height of the user. You should wear footwear appropriate for an ergo.


Is the boat rigged suitably for both males and females?

Yes, the gearing is an average suitable for both.

Is there space for a cox?

Yes, a cox can attend. There is no seat for the cox; however, coxes can walk around to coach the rowers.

Can the tank be rigged for sculling?

The rig of the tank allows it to be used for sculling simply by changing over the blades. This can be done in a few minutes at the beginning of your session. Please ensure that the blades are appropriately positioned with the red on the right hand side (stroke side) and the green on the left hand side (bow side) as failure to do this can cause damage to the tank. The tank should be returned to a conventionally rigged sweep eight at the end of your session. 


Can the tank be re-rigged e.g. to a ‘bucket’?

Yes, the tank can be re-rigged to any configuration that you require. However please ensure that there are only ever 4 blades on bow side and 4 on stroke side as any more than this risks damaging the tank (with the exception of sculling of course!). At the end of your session, please return the configuration to that of a conventionally-rigged sweep eight.

How similar is the rowing tank to rowing on real water?

The tank is “athlete powered”, meaning the water is still when athletes are not rowing. When they row, the athletes generate a flow which simulates the feeling of being on moving water when they row. Most splashing will be contained by the splash guards. The rowers sit on seats mounted on the floor; only the blade dips in the water. You will see that the blades are slightly smaller than regular oars. The blades are specially designed by our supplier, Dreher, to achieve the closest feeling to being on moving water.


Can we do racing or rolling starts?

Under no circumstances can racing or rolling starts be done. Such starts risk breaking the oars, and you will be charged for replacements.